Taking Care of Your Biggest Organ.

So, I have ALWAYS had bad skin. Acne being the culprit. I have tried everything under the sun to help clear it or cover it. As I am getting older though, it is clearing a little by itself, but I do need to take some extra time to keep it clear and clean and also watch what i put on my face.


Now I can’t afford to go out and see a dermatologist every month and the prescriptions they prescribe. But honestly there are OTC products that work hard to clean your skin.

  • Clearasil face scrubs work great by getting deep into pores to clean all the gunk out and lifting it. I live by Clearasil, and Clean&Clear, cleansers . I uses the exfoliating scrubs along with my Clarisonic Mia 2. Which ever you feel best using, but I highly recommend those two brands!
  • Now the Clarisonic is kind of pricey, but it does help a lot and it is so worth the investment! It is half the cost of leading exfoliating brushes and spa treatments, and you can carry it with you anywhere in a convenient little case! It’s a vibrating brush that helps loosen skin while lifting dead skin cells and dirt off your face and/or body. I use mine in the shower and at night to remove the make up I might have missed.
  • Now I am not a huge make-up wearer, but when there is make-up that actually clears my skin as I wear it versus clogging my pores and dirtying it, I’m there. Neutragena makes 2 different types of make up: Skin Clearing & Healthy Skin. Now personally, I get the best of both products in the Skin Clearing line. It is super light weight and I won’t use any other mineral powder again!

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