3 Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas <3

Mother’s Day is tomorrow! Need some ideas on last minute Mother’s Day gifts? Here a few ideas you can do for little to money, and I am sure to guarantee your mom will love her special day more when it comes from the heart!

Breakfast in bed is a number one Mother’s day treat. You see it in movies and TV shows all the time. My momma isn’t a big breakfast fan, but not everyone is my mom. Pick a nice flower to go with the food for a nice presentation!

Coupons! This is another one of those go to things. Moms love ’em! Now, i got this pattern off of Etsy but you can even cut a bunch of strips of paper and decorate them yourself! To me that is so much more personal than a pre-made thing.

Back when I was in first grade, we had an assignment to make Mother’s Day gifts. All the kids picked paint colors and dipped their hands in it. We all pressed our hands to a nice, clean, piece of paper to revel our hand prints. The teach wrote a quote on the board for us to copy onto these hand prints, and Viola! To this day that is my mom’s favorite Mother’s day gift. And in my moms own words, “The goofer the gift, the better!” So you can copy this, at at any age. And google something sweet or silly to write next to the prints or inside them! OR if you are creative enough, write an original poem. ❤

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