Small Haul!

My momma and I went out today to spend time together since everyone seems to always want to go out on the exact date of mothers day. We went to Dickson City to the mall and shopped for about 2 hours and then proceeded to eat at a Mexican restaurant we have never eaten at. (I’ll post about the restaurant and my reviews on it another time when I get the photos off my phone.) But I wanted to share my favorite things from today’s small haul! 🙂

I’m going on vacation next weekend with my best friend to the beach. I haven’t been to the beach since I was 14, so I don’t have anything really to go with. So a lot of my shopping was done with the beach in mind. I got these at Wet Seal. A single pair is almost $8, but if you buy two pairs is is $10. So I got two! I also bought a black scarf from here for about $3, and my momma bought me an infinity scarf in a white/creme color.

I spent the most money here, but Aerie is my guilty pleasure store. I buy almost everything from there. Their clothes are SOOO comfy and usually run a little big, which I also love. This is actually a throw over for your bathing suit, but I will wear it as a shirt because it is just so pretty and cute! This was my favorite purchase from there. Along with this though, I also bought: yoga pants, terry cloth shorts, and skinny yoga leggings.

I have nothing but UGGs and sneakers for shoes, and again with the beach in mind, I bought sandals from Old Navy. They always have cheap sandals (2/$5) so I don’t really care if they are the greatest. They will last me at least 4 days, so I am good with that. Both pairs are black and white. Along with that my momma also bought me the sweatshirt. This is my new favorite sweatshirt. I recommend buying one. They are on clearance right now for $13, so GO GO GO!

My favorite purchase of the day was from Rue 21. It’s a see-thru material, so you need to wear a tank top underneath it, but it is really long. It kind of has a high – low effect to it I think. I don’t have any dress clothes, so when my husband and I go out to eat, I am usually in a t-shirt. At least with this I can have ONE nice outfit if ever needed. I did buy a white tank top (one of the ones that have a built in bra) to go underneath because I don’t have one.

All in all, my mom and I had fun. She bought herself a TON a stuff, and we had fun. My mom and I don’t go out to often together, but it is always nice to get out with each other. I told her since this outting was part of her Mom’s Day, I would make her dinner on actual Mother’s Day! So stay tuned for that 🙂

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