Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I’m going on vacation Friday with my best friend! I tried researching lists of things I should bring and that was a complete FAIL.. One site said peanut butter was an essential.. So here’s my list of 11 things I think anyone should absolutely need when going on a road trip/vacation.Image

  1. Snacks. Stuff some in your purse for the long drive to minimize travel time, even pack a small cooler with some water bottles.
  2. Good Sunglasses. Look cool sunbathing and even driving.
  3. Tablet Computer. It’s more convenient than a laptop. You can have everything all in one: an MP3 player, GPS (if you have 4G), and it’s even more convenient than a phone with built in cameras on he front and back to allow you to Skype with your loved ones while you’re gone!
  4. A Good Book for when you are laying out on the beach. I used a Kindle as a picture because I couldn’t decided what book to display on here..
  5. Portable Charger. It’s always good to have one handy for when you are out.
  6. Comfortable Ear phones. MUSIC!
  7. Camera. Now I wouldn’t recommend bringing a big fancy DLSR, but to each his own. I’m probably going to look into getting a Polaroid camera for the trip. A good one is only $60, so if something happens to it, I won’t be to mad.
  8. Sunscreen and/or Tanning oil. I don’t think you want to end up looking like a lobster.
  9. Beach Towel. Try to find a nice long one so you don’t burn yourself on the sand and can lay out in peace.
  10. GPS Navigation. Don’t always rely on the ones on your phone. Borrow one from family or a friend if you don’t have one.
  11. AAA Membership. If you don’t have it, I’d suggest getting one. Even if you don’t use it, it is nice to know you are covered if anything happens along the way. And you also get great discounts in some restaurants and stores!

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