Father’s Day! 6/16

Father’s day is June 16th! Now most people forget about Dad’s day, but honestly, the dad’s are half the reason we are here! Now if you’re dad is anything like mine, some of these gifts will be the perfect gift for him!

Knocked Up Card ♡ Etsy

Fastest Swimmer Card ♡ Etsy
(This has been a long standing joke in my family beings my dad told his ‘fishes’ to swim, thus producing me 9 months later!)

Personalized Hammer ♡ Etsy

Kobalt Tools ♡ Available at Lowes

If you even find yourself short on cash, make a card and spend the day with him! I used to go shoot guns with my dad when I was younger, as I got older we would take motorcycle rides, but his bike is broken right now.. This year though, I am married and my husband and I get to both shower my dad with father’s day love! What am I going to do? Make him dinner and spend the day with him and give him a nifty card :)!

If you have any suggestions on blog posts, shoot me an e-mail! > t.carey3@yahoo.com


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