Ways To Keep Calm & Carry On

I know the whole ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ thing is pretty overused, but it is a perfect title for this post.


We all get mad. Some more than others. Most people don’t know how to handle their anger properly, so here are some ways to keep calm under pressure and how to avoid major conflicts with family and friends!

1. Keep a journal / Instead of lashing out at someone, keep a journal of all your pent up feelings. Write down what is happening and how you are feeling to help release your tension and also help you realize what is actually happening.
2. Be artistic / Even if you aren’t the greatest, making anything keeps you occupied. Draw, paint, scribble. Focus on something else while you cool down.
3. Get a hobby / Hobbies are healthy and relaxing. they are also pretty cool. Go for a walk or a drive and find something to take photos of or maybe even cook something (also relates to being artistic!).
4. Confined in someone / Sometimes we all just need to talk to someone. Now don’t go blabbing to every person you see, but confined in someone you truly trust with whatever is going on.
5. Go for a walk / Walking is good for not just your body, but your mind.


Bottom line, give yourself time to cool off before proceeding with anything and possibly saying something you might regret.


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