Summer Pet Care

I am a major animal lover, specifically dogs. All animals take a lot of responsibility and love to car for and summer is probably the hardest season to care for a pet because there is so much that you need to prepare and look out for. Here are some things you should do and how to do it!


‘Tis The Season For Fleas (& Ticks)
Every year my family spreads LIME in our yard and we let the dogs run through it for a day to get it on their coats. LIME protects your yard and home from fleas and ticks and allowing your dogs to play through the white powder, you are helping to protect their skin as well if you like to take them to the park or some place other than your home (like me!)

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here (Literally)
I love taking my dog Rain with me when I have to run small errands in town or if I can take her to a pet friendly location or store. I say small errands because I don’t leave her alone in the car for longer that 5 minutes in the summer. This is probably my biggest pet peeve ever so pay close attention! The temperature inside of a car is way hotter that it is outside. If you leave your dog in a car on a hot summer day, it is considered animal abuse and in most cases your pet will be taken into protective custody and you will have to deal with the police. The examples listed below will ultimately kill you pet, so please love them and leave them at home on those lengthy trips.

Outside Temp. / Inside Closed Car Temp.
87° / 115°
112° / 124°
125° / 130°+

Pets Need Sunscreen Too!
I shave my dogs down in the summer to help them keep cool, but it does come with a price. Pets fur is designed to help protect their skin from the elements, but it does increase their body temp. in the summer, which is why I shave mine. Take some sunscreen and slather it on ’em to keep their skin safe and sunburn free!

This is a simple one. Keep your pet hydrated. If they spend a lot of time outside like mine, buy a kiddie pool for them. If you don’t have the money for it or the space, just put a bowl out and fill it with some H2O.


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