Product Review: Veet Wax Strips ♡


I was so excited when I saw a commercial for these self wax strips! I bought the ones you use for you face, and I was so disappointed. First of all when they come out of the box you have to heat it by rubbing them in between your hands and while you are doing this they start to slip apart. Second, They couldn’t stay warm enough to set, so when I put it on my upper lip and ripped, it didn’t do a damn thing. I was left with bits of the glue on my face and even with the finishing wipes they provide, it is so hard to get off.


I can’t even give pros and cons for the fact, there is not one thing about this product I liked. I would not recommend buying these. But if you feel you would like to try them, contact me and I will surely send one of the strips to you so you can sample it! 🙂

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