A Little Of Me!


I’ve collected quite a few tattoos since I was 14 and they are a big part of me! Here are a few of my eight tattoos. 🙂

I was 16 when I got this. This was my third tattoo. I got it to represent my family so we were always together.

I actually got this the day before my 18th birthday. It was the only appointment they had near my birthday and my mom had to work. So they just filled everything in for the 25th instead of the 24th! It was the first thing I did/chose without my parents. Why penguins? Well penguins are my favorite animal! Ask anyone who knows me, I am obsessed.

These babies came a few months after I turned 18. Four leaf clovers are a huge symbol in my life. Mainly because I can look down anywhere in a patch of grass and find, you guessed it, a four leaf clover. It’s kind of amazing because I have some terrible luck.. If you look close you’ll see a blue star on my ear. That’s not an earring, it’s a tattoo. Yupp, I tattooed my ear lobes. I worked in a factory that didn’t allow jewelry on the manufacturing floor. So, I found a loop hole. I have to say, out of all my tattoos, my ears get the most attention and they happen to be my favorite.

577225_10150688238943533_961547086_nDon’t mind my face, but this is the latest tattoo I have gotten. My husband has a matching one (I’ll post a photo) except his is a little different at the top and red not blue. We got them to symbolize our marriage and the strength we have. We went through a butt load of stuff before we went and eloped on December 11th, 2011. I am so proud of this and what it represents and this tattoo is the most meaningful tattoo I will ever get.
552886_10150712967363533_1216428044_n(My husband and I after he got his done)

tumblr_lse9s1FfPm1qiz8uqI have two other tattoos, but I don’t have photos of them. But they are Chinese symbols for ‘unique’ and ‘friends’. The ‘unique’ one was actually my first tattoo. I got it when I was 13 and my parents knew about it. It’s a silly tattoo, but it was my first. It took my tattoo virginity, so I will never get it covered for that fact. The ‘friends’ one I got when I was 14 with my mom. She has a matching symbol on her arm in a band with my name above it. Sadly, we don’t get along anymore, so one day I will probably cover it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my tattoos 🙂

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