Beauty Box Review: Beauty Army ♡

Price $12 / Month (w/ free shipping)

Addiction NV Gel Liner – This was my favorite item in the entire box. I have been looking for a good silver liner for a long time and I finally have it! I did the swatch on my hand of it and I tried rubbing it off and It still stayed on! Not I don’t know the exact OZ size, but it is fairly small compared to other eye shadows.
Sample size: Full (ounces N/A) Value: $16.00!

Cotz Face Toner – I haven’t gotten to try this yet but the reviews on it are really good. I have redness in my cheeks and I’m hoping this will help with it.
Sample size: 0.11 oz. Value: N/A

Mark Scanda-lash Hook Up Mascara – I am a mascara addict believe it or not. It is the one thing I put on when I got out weather it be to the grocery store or to dinner. I always wear it. So I was really excited to get a full size sample in this box! Although it is half the size of a normal mascara tube, it is still nice.
Sample size: 0.12 oz. Value: $6.50


Lash Card – Perfect for every girl who wears make up! It’s like a guard for your eye lid from your mascara so you don’t get all those blobs on yourself!
Sample size: 2 lash cards. Value: about $1.40

OWN Lifting Eye Cream – Anti-Aging cream boosts collagen for firmer and fuller looking skin and wakes up your cells for a more evened skin tone. Also improves moisture for softer, smoother skin.
Sample size: 0.025 oz. Value: N/A

Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Pore Scrub – I have acne prone skin and this is supposed to be one of the best things for it.
Sample size: 0.1 oz Value: N/A

I loved this box and I am going to continue getting this one for sure 🙂 and the box that everything comes in is super chic and you can actually reuse it as a jewelry box or a little trinket holder! ♡

Want your own box? Click the link in my side bar to go get your own!

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