Beauty Box Review: BirchBox ♡

ImageBirch Box, $10/month


I was so surprised and excited to see this box sitting on my porch. I just got off the wait list and wasn’t expecting to get a box until next month! So kudos to them to sending it early!




Postcards / Value: N/A
These are super cute! I love snail mail so much more than e-mail. It’s a lot more personal. Now I have some to send to the only other person who loves snail mail: Lizz!



Mireness Glossy Kiss Lip & Cheek Stain / Full Size / Value: $26.55 USD
I’ve never had one of these before, so the fact that the first one I ever own is this is awesome. First off, this is pretty expensive and is a really good name. The color looks kind of deep pink, but when you put it on it is not as deep as it looks.


100% Pure Body Cream / Sample Size / Value: N/A
I LOVE THESE. They make my skin so soft and they smell good too!


Wanderlust Collection Color Club / Full Size / Value: $8.00 USD
I’m not a nail polish person, but I adore the color of this one. It’s even more surprising because I am not a coral/pink person either!

Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser / Sample Size / Value: N/A
I haven’t tried it, but I am excited too. I use tons of exfoliates trying to find the best one.


Klorane Dry Shampoo / Sample Size / Value: about $6.00 USD
Hopefully this stuff works. I like the idea of dry shampoos, but normally they make my hair worse a few hours after I use them..

Total box value: about $40.55 USD!

I am totally happy with my first Birch Box and I am definitely keeping this box!

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