Guide To Getting A (Good) Tattoo ♡

Anyone that knows me knows that I have been getting tattoos for most of my teenage life and am still working on more. Tattoos are beautiful and truly are works of art, well some are. Here is a guide on how to get a tattoo you won’t hate later on down the road!

♡ If Your A Virgin ♡

I got my first tattoo when I was 13. My parents were okay with it, so don’t fret! But I had chosen this huge piece I wanted for my first tattoo. My parents talked to me about it for a while and told me that I don’t know what my pain tolerance is for this kind of thing and that maybe I should start small for my first. I have to say that was great advice because it gave me a sense of what I would have to go through for many hours for big pieces. If your wondering, my first was on my ankle and is of a Chinese symbol meaning ‘Unique.’

♡ Take Your Time ♡

Now I am sure everyone and your grandmother has told you the infamous thing that tattoos are forever, so I will spare you that lecture. But because they are forever (unless you’d like to spend twice as much time and money (not to mention pain!) to get it removed) really think about what, and where, you want to put on your body. Also do your research! I have a friend who got a Chinese symbol for family, who later learned it was the symbol for apartment.. Try using temporary tattoos on your selected body areas to get an idea of what a tattoo would look like there. If you don’t like it, put a temporary on a new spot and see if you like that better 🙂

♡ You Get What You Pay For ♡

Research your tattoo artists before doing the deed and don’t pick a place based on the fact that they were the cheapest. Get to know your artist and scrutinize every piece of work he/she has in their portfolio, you will probably be spending many hours with them if you get something massive or if you want other pieces done. Good (and clean) tattoos are kind of pricey but personally, I would rather spend the money on something I can live with forever versus something that I will hate once it heals in 2 weeks.

♡ Home Made Isn’t Always Best ♡

If your tattoo artist is working out of the local trailer park, shame on you. Tattoos kits are available in magazines and online and sometimes even in shops, so they are pretty easy to come by. Not everyone is an artist, so please don’t think you or the next guy can suddenly become one if you buy a kit. Home made tattoos are never a good idea for the sole fact that they usually aren’t that clean.


So quick review:

Start small to get an understanding of what you are getting into.
Do your research and try using temporary tats first.
Create a bond with your artist and don’t be afraid to be picky about their work.
Don’t skimp on your tattoos!
Don’t let your boyfriend’s brother who just got a tattoo gun use you as a guinea pig.

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