June Glossy Box Review ♡


I was really impressed with the quality of the box everything was in and how neatly they had stuff packed inside. This month was the ‘American Beauty’ edition box from Glossy Box.


c. Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil / Sample Size / Value: $4.00 USD
I wasn’t a fan of this beings I already have oily skin. And this stuff is pure oil. I gave this to my mom who has the worst dry skin ever and this was even to oily for her..


Philip B. Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse / Sample Size / Value: N/A
I have never used a deep conditioner before, but I have to say this stuff if wonderful for my thin hair. Normally conditioners make my hair oily after a few hours but this was fantastic!


tarte Lip Stick / Full Size / Value: $14.50 USD
I am a lip stick junkie anymore. I love the moisturizer that is in the center of this.


Sparitual Lacquer / Full Size / Value: $12.00 USD
At first glance it honestly looked black to me, which really confused me. My husband volunteered and painted his thumb nail for me so I could see what the color was and it is the most wonderful shade of blue I have ever seen.
Here is a swatch of it:


Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries Perfume / Sample Size(s) / Value: $12.00 USD
Six samples came in this bag but I only care for about 2 of the 6. The one actually smells like moth balls to me..
Here is my favorite:

All in all, I really liked my Glossy Box, but I won’t be getting them every month. Glossy box is big on ‘themes’ so maybe when they get a good one I will get one then.


Total Value: $42.50 USD

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