Product Review: Derma-E Scrub ♡

I did happen to get my Birch Box Saturday, but I haven’t gotten to taking photos or anything yet; I was having a girls weekend and spent all day yesterday re-cooping. I can say though, that I am unsubscribing from BB. I like some of the stuff in their box, but everything is in super small samples. I know they are just samples but I would at least like to get more than one use out of them..

But in the mean time let me give you a product review on something I got in my IPSY bag the other day. I loved this product THAT much! HAHA 😛


Derma-E Microdermabrasion Scrub

Let me start by saying how impressed I was with the size of this sample. There is enough for me to use everyday for at least 2 weeks, which is impressive for a sample. I used this the night I got it in the shower on my face, now normally I always have to rub my face to get any left over stuff that my wash didn’t get, this took off everything! I am going to use the money I save next month from one of the boxes I am unsubscribing from to buy a big jar of this!

If you would like to join IPSY to get amazing samples click here
If you would like to buy this product click here

6 responses to “Product Review: Derma-E Scrub ♡

  1. I haven’t gotten my bag yet but I’m getting this in it! I’m so excited to try it out 🙂

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