COOLA Sunscreen Review + Guest Post Opportunity ♡


So, I received this sample in my IPSY glam bag this month. I am so impressed with the samples from my first bag, I wanted to review some of them. OK, so back to the review. Today my mom gave me the chance to enjoy the pool and get a little sun while she watched my dog (Rain had to have surgery yesterday, if have not seen my last post). I decided to use this to help cover my nose and cheeks because I burn really bad in those areas. First off, when i put it on, it didn’t exactly absorb like normal sunscreens. It kind of gave my face a whitish tint. Secondly, it clogged the pores on my nose instantly. It felt kind of uncomfortable. It also made my cheeks, which are sensitive and always red, kind of burn. This stuff is organic and supposed to be scent free, so I am unsure as to why it made my cheeks burn.
After I laid in the pool a bit and got my face wet, it started to redeem itself. It did protect my face for the hour I was out there, and I wasn’t red like I normally am when I lay out and when I had gotten my face wet (thanks to a stupid wasp..) it didn’t really make my face slimy, which means it did soak into my skin.

♡ PROS ♡
some what water proof

♡ CONS ♡
clogged my pores
left a whitish tint after applying
burned my cheeks slighty


Before you go, I have been wanting to have a guest post for a while and so I am offering to anyone who would like to write a guest post! Just send me and e-mail to T.CAREY3@YAHOO.COM with your name and your idea for a guest post!

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