When You Have A Bad Shopping Experience ♡

Hey Guies! So, I kind of fell behind these last few days, but we had a small incident with my puppy and my husband and I had to run her to the ER vet. She is doing great though and I’ll be sure to do a follow up on her and what happened! But anyway.. Recently I had a terrible shopping experience at the closest Victoria’s Secret to me and have been trying to get in touch with customer service ever since through email. Finally, I called today to let them know about my issues and I honestly wanted to be best friend’s with the guy I talked too. He was so funny and nice and he honestly made me feel important and truly listened to me. But most people honestly don’t know how to handle their shopping experiences or what to do about them.


Companies want to hear about your experience with them, good or bad! They want to know you are happier when you leave their store or after you use their product. So don’t be afraid to call them and let them know if you are unhappy, if that is the case. Usually companies will compensate you for your troubles or they will reward you with something complementary for letting them know they are doing things right!

Communication is also a big part of this. Every adult uses e-mail on a daily basis and so do companies, but that doesn’t mean it is the best way to get in contact. Sure it is convenient and a time saver, but it is not effective. Picking up the phone and calling is the most sure fire way of getting results.

Have you had a bad shopping experience? What was it about? 🙂 I’d love to hear!

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