Volupties Review ♡

So one of my followers over at Must Have Boxes shared a subscription service I wanted more than anything. It was for underwear! I know it sounds weird, but it really is great. For $17 USD per month Volupties sends you 3 pairs of name brand panties! This was my first month, so I used the sites discount code to save $5. After I got an email saying my package shipped, I got a surprising email from Volupties saying they had included an extra pair of panties for me to try because people had been saying that they ran smaller than their given size and the appropriate size they felt they were happened to be mine!

Now, Volupties is the ‘plus size’ service, but for those who are teeny tiny Splendies.com is for you 🙂


Rose Intimate Blue Lace Cheeky / Estimated Value: about $12.00 USD

This was the pair they sent me to try. They are definitely a size smaller than they claim to be on the tag, but it works for me. I have to say, these are my favorite in the bunch. I have similar ones from VS that were almost $20 for a pair! And honestly these are way more comfortable and soft.


Aerie Plum Lace Briefs / Estimated Value: about $9.00 USD

I used to love shopping for underwear at Aeries, but then their panties got smaller it seems and all lacey. I am not a huge lace person because I honestly prefer comfort over anything. But I was pleasantly surprised to see them have decent briefs in my size.


Aerie Blue/Green Lace Briefs / Estimated Value: about $9.00 USD

This pair is exactly like the last, just a differently color. I still like them and think they are so comfortable!


Jennifer Intimates Red Thong / Estimated Value: about $12.00 USD

These are my husbands personal favorite, and I have to say they are my second favorite (next to the Rose Intimates). This pair is so sexy and soft and honestly comfortable for a thong. There is a small jewel heart at the top of the back and it is the sweetest detail!

Total Value Estimated: $42.00 USD!


I am so pleased with my first bag from them and will get myself a few more to stock up on these nice undies 🙂

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