What’s In My Bag ♡

I’ve been kind of slacking on doing this post, but here it is!


I went to VS the other day and bought myself this awesome mini duffel. I got a duffel because I seem to end up carrying my things along with my husband’s things.. There are a few things that aren’t in the photo because I was using them, but I will be sure to include them in this too!

In My Bag:

Dove Deoderant
Aleve Asprin
2 Wallets (one really is not enough..)
Travel Toothbrush
Halo Portable Charger
Lubriderm Hand Lotion
Band-Aid Emergency Kit
Degree Body Mist
Kodak One Time Camera
Hair Brush

Items Not In Photo:

Ipod Nano + ReTrack Headphones
Samsung Tablet
Make-up Travel Bag

Thanks for reading! If you have a suggestion for a post, or are interested in writting a guest post send me a message to the email below!



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