Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Shopping Event ♡

Yesterday, August 4th, was the over exaggerated shopping event at over 300 VS nationwide. I was excited because I was honestly expecting things to be different this time (just a month ago I had an issue with VS and the employees) and to maybe score some freebies! (everyone likes freebies!)

I was sadly mistaken when we got there. The only kind of freebie we got was a tied up bracelet with #PINKYOURBTS screen printed on it. We did get a scratch off card while we waited in line, but everyone’s card said the same thing: WAH WAH!

Even with kind of a disappointed spirit I found some really nice sweats, a sweatshirt, and a bra (FYI: I honestly only have one actual bra, the rest are sports bras. I felt I needed to have more than just one..) Also, finding a lot of Large sized clothing, or anything, was a hassle. The had 20 million XS & S, but they only had about 2 Large items for each item of clothing.. It was nuts.Image

All together I spent just under $120, and I saved $25 with in store savings.
I had went with my mom and honestly, we had fun! I enjoyed going with her then actually going to the event.



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