Christmas In August: Victoria’s Secret Haul ♡

I went really nuts last week with online shopping, so this week has been dubbed Christmas in August week! First up on the list was the largest of the hauls: my VS order.
(Excuse the picture quality lately, I have been using my phone A LOT lately and it has been the easiest way for me to get my photos.)

I bought a pair of the campus pants when I went to the VS shopping event, and I fell in love! I had to order another pair. This time I got them in a charcoal grey instead of plain black. They run big for a large, which is perfect for me since I like my comfy clothes to be a bit on the larger size, but for the people who want a better fit I suggest going down a size.

The style may seem familiar. Its the matching pants to a sweatshirt I showed you guys from the VS event. I love any kind of clothing in a boyfriend style! It has a lot more of a comfortable fit and the color is so pretty and blue!

Any VS purchase isn’t complete without a bra or two. I honestly only had one good bra that my mom bought me for my anniversary, and recently I have decided I have enough sports bras. So I had my husband help me pick out the patterns and here they are!

I am so obsessed with this pattern, but I am greatly disappointed about the inside of the bag. It is a tote, but I was expecting maybe a liner in the bag? If it wasn’t so pricey, I would keep it and fix it, but I am afraid I will be returning this when I go to pick up my Clinique (That post will be one of the last, and probably the best ever!, of this month).

These headphones are limited edition. I got them for free with my order for making a $65+ PINK purchase (buy $65 worth of PINK products/clothes and enter PINKDJ65 at checkout for this goodie!) I am quite impressed with the quality of these. Most of the promo items VS gives out for purchases or events are usually of really great quality, and that is one of the things I love about VS. Grab them while you can, because their promo items go fast normally.

I found one of these at the bottom of my box and was excited because my mom had just given me one the other day (hence why I have two) and I thought maybe I could cheat and use them on a single purchase, but I was wrong. But I have two and maybe I will give one of my lucky followers the special code to save $10 🙂

Let me know if any of you have interest in receiving the exclusive coupon code!


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