Christmas In August: Honest Co. Review ♡

The Honest Company (click link to join and save!) is pretty much known by everyone and is very popular beings it’s owner and creator is none other than Jessica Alba!

Right now they have free trial samples you can try for just the cost of shipping ($5.95). I figured why not and got myself one. I also had gotten a free $10 to spend from them do to the fact I hadn’t ordered anything in a long time. So I picked myself up some lip balm!

Family Essentials Bundle Free Trial


The family bundle trial includes 5 samples: laundry detergant, healing balm, shampoo+body wash, face+body lotion, and hand soap.
I haven’t tried these yet beings I just got them, but I have heard good things about products from this company.
There is a down side to this though. After you order this free trial is binds you into a membership. You have a certain amount of days to try this trial and cancel your membership before they charge yours credit card and send you the full size. Like me, I just wanted to try and personally can not afford to get a full bundle right now, so I would want to cancel. It isn’t as simple as clicking a cancel button. You have to call there hotline and cancel your membership..

Organic Lip Balm


I am still very unsure of how I feel about these. I have tried all of them and they do go on really well and do work, but the flavors/scents that they decided on I don’t think were that great, and for a whopping $10 for this little 3 pack (plus shipping of 5.95) it is steep.. I guess that is just the price of having organic anything really.

Overall I like the concept of the company and all it’s organic-ness, but I feel like the cost of single items, like the lip balm, are way to much money..

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