August 2013 IPSY Review ♡


IPSY / $10 (free shipping)

This month was themed ‘Glamour Academy.’ I think they did this as a back to school thing. The bag is like a purple nylon material with yellowish gold academy badges printed all over it, and honestly, this bag looks way better in person. I wasn’t that thrilled about the design when I previewed it in my Glam Room, but having it in my hand I am quite please.


Noya Cherry Lip Balm / Value of Full-Sized Product: $3.99
I was really disappointed to get this. There was a 50/50 chance of getting this or an Urban Decay Lipstick, and of course the one I would have liked to get wasn’t what I got.. But regardless I will still use this. I use a lot of balms throughout the year and I also lose just as many, so having to many lip balms is never a problem.


Pixi Lash Booster Mascara / Value of Sample: $7.14
I have heard a lot of negative things about this brand so I am kind of iffy to try this. But from a few other IPSY reviewers they seemed to have liked it.


Chella Brow Pencil / Value of Full-size product: $18.00
I am very pleased to get this in my bag this month. Recently I have actually been including my brows when I do my make up to help make them POP, and this is supposed to be a really great name. And this is a pretty pricey little pencil!


Pacifica BB Cream Color Matching Technology / Value of Sample: $5.44
BB creams are supposed to be like a new found foundation. My skin is super sensitive to these things so I am hoping it doesn’t freak it out.


Michael Todd True Organics Facial Scrub / Value of Sample: $5.29
I really love scrubs. You have no idea. I have to have about 5 different ones I use right now. So I was super excited to get this and give it a shot.


Lime Crime Nail Polish / Value of Full-Sized Product: $8.00
This was my bonus item for this month. I had referred 2 people to sign up and they rewarded me with this. I was a little disappointed because they have an adorable bracelet that they also give out as a bonus that I have been dying to have since I joined. But this is a very nice little bonus item and I adore the color!

Total Bag Value: $47.86!


My verdict: I really loved this bag. Even though I didn’t get the exact things I personally would have wanted, I will still use everything in this bag. And can you say STEAL? The bag is almost 4 times more than what I paid for it! I feel like this company really does try to listen to all of us to give us the products we want and could use.

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