Product Review: Alba Botanica Scrub Review ♡

On a trip to my local Walmart I needed to get a facial cleanser because mine had run out. I always scour the skincare aisle looking for potential new products to help defeat my horrible skin. I had 3 different things picked out in my cart, that honestly I wasn’t a fan of but it was the only stuff that had semi-worked. But out of the corner of my eye I happened to see a product I didn’t see there last month. I picked it up and saw that it was an exfoliater, and I can not express enough how much I love exfolies! I put everything else back and took a chance on this new product!
The product is Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote (Max Strength) Face & Body Scrub. The price of this tube is almost $8.00. A bit pricey, but it is organic (so it says). I will never buy another scrub ever again. This one is so amazing and it clears my skin right out!
It kind of looks like cinnamon and brown sugar, but it doesn’t smell like it. It kind of has a spearmint kind of smell. It is really refreshing. Normally when I use some bar soaps and most body washes, I feel like I have a residue left on my skin and I feel dirty within a few hours.. this doesn’t do that, which makes me love it even more.

It lathers and exfoliates at the same time and it really is the perfect combination for acne prone skin.

I give this product a solid 5 stars for sure 🙂

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  1. Hey hon,
    oh thats an inteersting product. I haven’t seen this brand before. Should check it out.

    Thanks for participating in our weekly Friendly Bunch Blog Hop. Good to have you.
    Hope you managed to find new blogs for your blog roll 😉


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