Diamond Candles Review + Save 20% ♡

Diamond Candles is a company who produces earth friendly, all natural soy candles with a twist: there is a ring worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 inside.


My mom and I each got one candle. Mine was Cupcake and her’s was Ocean Mist. Both smell great and they burn clean because they are soy, but I am biased: I love mine more. I am such a sucker for any kind of cake flavored/scented candle. I was also quite impressed with the size of them. I burned mine for almost 12 hours and only about an inch of mine is gone. I will certainly have this candle for a long time.
Each candle on there site costs almost $25.


So here is the ring that I dug out of my candle (I got so impatient just watching my candle burn). It’s certainly not a super expensive ring, but I would estimate this ring to be about $20-$30. Regardless, it is still pretty.
I most certainly plan on buying a few more soon because one, I LOOOOVE candles. And two, the excitement is fun (but also cruel)!


Want your own Diamond Candle? Use this link to save 20% 🙂

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