Say No To Animal Testing ♡


I had put a status up on Facebook about wanting to try Michelle Phan’s new make up EM and shortly after, I got a reply from my friend saying that her make up was tested on animals, and my heart broke. I was disappointed because so many people look up to her and know her for her amazing YouTube beauty tutorials. But this had me thinking about all the products I use and it had me worried. I started going through the internet like a mad women trying to find all the products I use and see if they were safe.

I started off by trying to find lists of cruelty free products and companies and I had found that P.E.T.A. has a list of brands/companies that are animal tested and others that are not, but I’m finding the list to be really inaccurate. So I started researching my products individually and I was sickened by the results. Now there is nothing I can do about the ones I already have and use, but there are things I can do about future products I purchase and use.

Most products you look at say ‘We do not test on animals‘ on their label. Now they might not have tested that particular product on animals, but it does not mean that the companies other products (or their ingredients) aren’t.


If you want to know about your products and their companies >click here< for a list courtesy of LeapingBunny.Org

2 responses to “Say No To Animal Testing ♡

  1. I totally did the same thing! I was a maniac looking at each of the products I used to see if they were animal tested and they all were. I just ordered PETA’s shopping guide and there is a downloadable one I posted on my blog until my hardcover one comes in. You should check it out.
    I LOVE LOVE this article and I am so so so happy to see people are going down this route. Even though I am new to this route, I love finding people like myself and sharing stories. Great blog.

    • I’ll have to check it out! And let me know how the book is. I love animals and it makes me sick that possibly one of my dogs could have been born into that and it’s incredibly terrifying! If you find any really great cruelty free products, please let me know! I am having a hard time finding good products that aren’t.. and thank you 🙂 I hope you enter the giveaway I have going on 🙂

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