National Dog Day ♡

Yesterday was National Dog Day and I CAN NOT believe I missed it! So to make up for it here is a small story on my own little miracle dog.


Meet Rain. Not many people know that when she was born, I almost never got the chance to fall in love with her. When Rain popped out, she was in 2 sacks, and my mom and I were sure she wasn’t alive because of the double birth sacks. My mom was trying to hide her from Gidget (the mom) and something made my mom run her finger over her nose. Then something amazing happened: Rain made a small lick when my mom ran her finger over her nose. My mom tore right into those sacks and I ran for scissors. She was so small and it looked like she had no fur at all. We still feared she wouldn’t make it. But hours after giving birth, her white/blonde hair started to show and we knew she was ok.

Every time I look at her, I tear up because I could not imagine my life without experiencing the love I have for her. She has saved more in more ways than anyone will ever know and I will do whatever I can to make sure she is safe and always loved.

Happy National Dog Day!


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