Aerie Haul ♡


Sorry for disappearing! Lately I have felt awful and mopey and its made me neglect just about everything :(. But I am forcing myself out of my slump a bit today to bring you some new posts!

About 2 weeks ago I decided I really needed to get my butt in gear and get new underwear beings most of mine are really ripped and torn. I have learned over the years you get what you pay for, so I already figured I was going to spend mine and my husbands life savings for underwear. I turned to to look for my new items because they always have a good deal of 7 pairs for $26.

I happened to decide on this purchase during a great time. Aerie was having a sale and a major discount on already discounted items, which resulted in me getting a great deal: 8 pairs of underwear for $25!!! I beat their own deal. 🙂 So here is my haul!


I’m not a ‘thong’ person but this is super adorable and very well made. I especially love the feathers design.


When Aerie first opened they had the best underwear, and as they became more familiar and popular, the underwear and clothes changed. I was delighted to see the old styled ones back and on clearance!

If you’ve never shopped at Aerie, I would recommend it. I buy all of my yoga pants from there and I have a few shirts and some of my favorite sweatshirts came from there. And right now they are having 40%, so go on over and and get yourself something nice 🙂


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