August Favorites 2013!

I know we are about 2 weeks into September, but I was having a hard time deciding what my favorites were. So here we go!


  1. Clinique 3 step system
    This is the first product that has helped me with acne AND the redness I have in my cheeks.
  2. Derma-E scrub (from the July IPSY bag)
    This stuff is heaven in a jar. I still have some leftover from July and I use this about every 3-4 days in the shower.
  3. PINK Wild & Breezy perfume
    I love fruity perfumes and this one reminds me of just that. It has such a sweet smell and I spray probably way to much on when I get out of the shower haha!
  4. Chella eyebrow pencil (from the August IPSY bag)
    When I was younger I kinda screwed up my eyebrows and so I have a patch of eyebrow missing on my right eyebrow. I usually use eyeshadow cause I have such dark brows, but this helps compliment it and give it a natural fill. It is a a little light for my brows, but it works.
  5. Eco Tools make up brushes
    If you want good quality brushes for cheap, get these. They are so soft and plush and the hairs don’t fall out like normal cheap brushes. You can pick these up at Walmart for like $10.
  6. Lash Discovery mascara
    I honestly don’t remember who makes this mascara but it’s my favorite. It’s compact and very light weight. I always brush some of this on when I go out to the store or even dinner.
  7. Aerie DAYDREAM roll on perfume
    I keep this in my purse as a little refresher through the day when I am out for long periods of time. And as I said before about fruity smells, this is fruity also!
  8. Almay retractable eyeliner
    I can never use regular eyeliner pencils because they always seem to smudge on me, but the retractable pencils always stay in place.


So there you have it! My August picks and favorites 🙂

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