PINK Nail Polish Review ♡

I’m not much of a nail polish girl, but lately I seem to be buying a lot of it. Recently Victoria’s Secret brought back there DJ headphone promo for one day and I loved the ones I got before that I wanted another pair. So I settled on a PINK nail polish to qualify.


I’m all about glittery polishes usually, and this reminds me of a galaxy almost. I was also pleasantly surprised at the size of this! The only thing I wasn’t to happy about was that I paid $16 for this with shipping. I hate the shipping costs VS tacks on. But I can’t complain to much because I got $30 headphones for free. (pictured below) I am actually going to go get a mani-pedi this weekend to have this put on my nails 🙂


Do you use PINK polishes? Do you love them? Did you snag this deal for free headphones? Tell me allllllll about it 😀

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