Review: em. Cosmetics By Michelle Phan Life Pallet ♡


Last weekend I scrolled through my Facebook feed and saw a deal em. cosmetics had for a sample of the life pallet. I’ve been curious of this line because it’s be all the rage amongst many beauty bloggers/vloggers it seems. I have been really hesitant though because a full Life Pallet is $75! So for $10 I got a sample pack of 3 shadows and a lip stain.


I got the party life sample, and I think for $10, it was a bit of a let down. I can go buy a really nice pallet of shadows in a nice container for that price, and this came in a cheap plastic case like children’s toys come in, and cardboard. At least give it a little presentaion.. I’m not sure what all the hype is all about though. It’s no different than a $4 full size shadow I can go buy at CVS and the lip stain isn’t that great. It makes my lips feel dry, which is odd.


I was not that thrilled with this and I won’t be buying the full $75 pallet anytime soon.


2 responses to “Review: em. Cosmetics By Michelle Phan Life Pallet ♡

  1. Well, that’s a bummer! I like the concept of her life palette, but I don’t have $75 to drop on makeup I’ve never tried before! And getting a smaller palette (like, 1/4 size) costs $38! Meanwhile, I know I can spend $50 on an Urban Decay palette and be delighted!
    – Michelle

    • I know! It is rather ridiculous the prices of her make up and it also really bothers me that her cosmetics are tested on animals heavily in China and also with all the information I found about her last company she had, it makes me feel kind of wrong using her products..

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