Dollar Shave Club Review ♡


My husband always seems to wait until his hair is so thick so he can bust through a razor i one sitting. Everyone knows razors and especially the blades are super expensive, but Dollar Shave Club has seemed to eliminate that. DSC offers 3 selections based on what you feel comfortable spending and using each month: a 2 blade razor for $1/month +s&h, a 4 blade razor for $6/month w/ free shipping, and a 6 blade razor w/ edging tool on the back for $9/month w/ free shipping. Each razor comes with 4 cartridges for you to get through the month.


I opted for the 4X razor for $6/month. My husband loves this idea because it saves us money and we never really have to worry about razors again for him.


They sent me a little packet of shave butter too. I’m pretty sure it will go to use because my husband has a sensitive face, especially in the winter. But all in all, I love this service, and it is so worth the $6/month. I’ll definitely be keeping this.



Do you get DSC? Which option do you use, and how do you like their service?

Not a DSC member? CLICK HERE and become one now!

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