Freeman Feeling Beautiful Anti-Stress Facial Mask ♡


My mom and I took a trip to our local Walmart to get hair dye and ended up browsing in the beauty department for a while. My mom happened to pick this up and I was sold on it. I really enjoy facial masks and with my skin type anything with sea minerals and sea salt is always a win. It is also coincidence who it is by. I got a Freeman paper mask in my IPSY bag this month. But I bought this to give it a go beings it was only $4!

I wasn’t exactly sure what an Anti-Stress mask was actually, but I deal with a lot of stress. I was feeling overwhelmed today, why I don’t know, so I decided to see if this would calm me down.  I was really impressed to see the stuff inside the bottle was also the beautiful blue as the outside packaging. Another thing I noticed was the smell. It says it has a lavender smell on the bottle, and I believe that was it. Lavender is supposed to be really soothing. As you can see from my embarrassing photo above, that is what it looks like on.

I left it on until it was dry and washed it off. I really enjoyed having the mask on and I actually do feel calmer. It helped lift all the dead skin on my face but I would recommend that when you take this off, use a wash cloth along with it to help actually remove the skin.


My verdict: I really love this. I will make sure to keep this in my cabinet for those over whelming days to help me relax. 🙂

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