September Favorites! ♡


I actually decided on my September Favs while it was still September. Last month was the first time I did one of these and I never knew how hard it was to decide!


1. Freeman ‘Feeling Beautiful’ Anti-Stress Facial Mask / I did a review on this product not that long ago (you can read it here) and I fell in love with it.
2. PINK Lip Gloss in Shimmer With Me / I ordered this on a whim to get free shipping and I have to say I really like it. It is a tad bit tacky when you have it on, but it really holds lipstick in place!
3. PINK Body Spray ‘Wild & Breezy’ / I’m pretty sure this was in my August Favs but I love it to much to ignore it 🙂
4. PINK Nail Polish in Start The Party / I reviewed this item also! (You can read it here) I got this put on my last about a week ago and I have gotten so many compliments on my nails! It’s only a top coat kind of thing, but it really gives my nails some spunk.


5. Maybelline Eyeshadow  Pallet / I have about 3 of these bad boys. They are all different shades and I use them all. I especially love this green one because I have dark brown eyes.
6. NYX Eyeshadow in Cryptonite / I got this in my IPSY bag (miss the post? read it here!) and I was actually going to order some of these online before I got my bag.
7. Starlooks eye pencil in Obsidian / I got this in my IPSY bag also! I normally hate these kind of pencils because they usually smudge easily, but this one is great!


So there you have it, my September Favs!
What are you favorites this month? Do you use any of this also? Let me know in the comments!

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