For The Guys: Mystery Tackle Grab Box Review!


Bait & Tackle Box – $15/month with free shipping

I also got this for my husband as a gift, and I have to say I was even impressed. Now this one came with a card to help me out!


5″ Bass Harasser (1 Pack) by Reaction Strike /  Value: $10

“It’s everything your favorite swimbait does plus much more! Lifelike color patterns and innovative hook harness make this a winner!”


Twitchin Stick (3 Pack) by Stinky Fingers bait Co. / Value: $2.25

“A sponge inside this versatile bait creates an amazing scent release when fish bite down, sure to be a staple in your tackle box!”


XB-1 Square Bill Crankbait by Xcite Baits / Value: $7.99

“The revolutionary crankbait has a weight transfer system for long and accurate casts, plus its 3-D eyes and gills drive fish crazy!”


Zodiac Hybrid Jig by Freedom Tackle Corp. / Value: $6.49

“This jig lands in the optimal upright strike position, design allows for weedless and interchangeable hook attachment!”


Total Value: $26.73

I only paid $5 as an introductory price and even with paying $15, the box is just about twice more than original price! My husband loved this box and so we have decided to keep it 🙂

4 responses to “For The Guys: Mystery Tackle Grab Box Review!

    • If he loves fishing he will like it 🙂 my husband really likes his. Try it and you can get yur first box for 5$ with a code. If it isnt on the site google ‘mystery tackle box code’ 🙂

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