VS Pink Nail Polish Review! ♡

I’ve seem to become so in love with polish lately. After ordering one to qualify for free shipping on a whim, I have become so loyal to Victoria’s Secret PINK nail polish. I have used the 2 I have at the nail place and I am so surprised at how durable the paint is. My mom even tried it without a top coat and all it did was fade a little bit, but it NEVER chipped or cracked or smudged! So when the time for me to use my coupons came, I ordered 2 new polishes, because they were FREE.

in color: I KISSED A SURFER / $10

Blue is my favorite color. Any shade, and this is sort of a shade of blue, so of course I got it.

in color” STEEL THE SCENE / $10

I like dark polish, especially for winter, but I hate pure black because it just is.. black. It’s very boring and is super harsh. This is almost a nude/purple color. I really can’t wait to pair these two together on my next trip 🙂

The only thing I hate about these are they are so expensive… but if you can get past that, BUY BUY BUY!

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