Before & After: MakeUp Edition ♡

I’m not sure many people understand how much of a difference makes for your appearance. I notice it whenever I wear make up because I don’t wear it 24/7. So the other day, I decided to do a before and after shot to show you the differences! (Please be kind!)


What I used:

Revlon Photo Finish Powder + Eye Primer
Revlon retractable eyeliner in blackest black
E.L.F. Beauty Book eye shadows/highlighters
It’s SO Big Mascara


As you can see, I didn’t use a lot. I never really do in my make up routine. I like having a natural finish versus huge black eyes or piercing red lips.


Here’s some tips to help give certain effects 🙂

Use white eyeliner on your waterline to WIDEN your eyes and make them big.
To make them seem smaller or sultry looking, use black or a dark color.

Lips and eyebrows are super easy to reshape! For lips use a lip liner to make the outline and fill in your lips as well. Put on lipstick then, to create a super finished and polished look, smooth out the edged of your lips with your foundation to create a defined lip line.

For eyebrows: Draw out shape, and fill in with pencil, eye shadow or mascara 🙂

Highlight the bridge of your nose and the tip to give the illusion of a longer face!



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