Clinique Body Bar Review ♡

I never thought of myself as being high maintenance, but lately I feel that judgement changing. I have learned that I just need some of the high end things in my life. Not because I am stuck up or whatever, but because it comes down to the whole factor of you get what you pay for. A few months ago I splurged and got myself the Clinique 3 Step Acne System (missed my post on it? CLICK HERE) and it has helped me so much. So much in fact, I made another splurge on a Clinique product to help with occasional bacne. (don’t try and lie about it, everyone gets this at some point.)

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This is Clinique body soap. It’s just a bar of soap, nothing fancy. Although the case it comes it IS fancy. I used this last night instead of the 3 step and it did everything my 3 step does just about. I woke up with clean skin, so hey! For $15, I think it was worth it. It comes in a very nice case to help preserve it when not being used to help make it last that much longer, and the quality behind the name says it all.


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