November IPSY Review 2013


$10/month (Free Shipping)

I am finally back!! 🙂 And with an amazing post too! So I got my November Ipsy bag yesterday and I am so happy with it. It is probably my favorite bag to date. This was a huge month for Ipsy because this month they sent everyone 6 products, one of which is a full sized em. Cosmetic. These varied among everyone. The bag itself isn’t the best. I think they could have done a lot better. The gold isn’t really the issue, it’s the pattern they chose for it’ cheap croc print…


Kiss Ever EZ Lashes / I was so excited to see I got these. I am a big fan of fake lashes since I kind of have little ones. Plus they give you a handy little tool to help put them on, which I am so thankful for beings I suck at putting these things on..


Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon / Lip crayons are always a win for me. They have more stay power than lipsticks do for me, so WIN!


Nailtini Lacquer / I was so worried that I was going to get the gold color of this, but I was very happy to see I got this silver-y one.


Pixi Bronzer / I actually gave this to my mom. I have a medium-fair skin tone so, these don’t really work well for me. But it is super smooth and my mom loves it.


Star Looks Eye Pencil / I got one of these last month or the month before.. I can’t remember. But I loved it. I use it to make my cat eye because it glides on so well! I highly recommend getting these if you want a high pigment pencil that you can work with.


EM. Cosmetics Waterliner / Everyone complained (including me) that Michelle Phan didn’t offer one of her products in the last bag since her line had just launched. All they gave were little sample things that were good for like half a use.. So it was a HUGE win for everyone to get a taste of her high end collection. Some people got lipsticks, others got lip blush, and some got waterliners. Me being one of them. I was hoping for a gold color instead of the grey because I got a lot of grey in this bag. So a little change up would have been nice, but I am still pleased none the less.

Estimated Bag Total: Over $60!

I am so pleased with this months products and I am really hoping that next month is a Christmas themed bag! If you want to sign up for this bag CLICK HERE and sign up 🙂


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