BOX SWAP! w/ Samantha From All The Buzz


A few months ago I made a wonderful new friend who is a world away names Samantha. We had seen some box swaps between other bloggers and we were curious to give it a go. We set a price limit and a day to send out our packages. With $100 limit and about 3 months to collect, we kept in touch and shared concerns with not just our boxes, but with life, and our excitement to share this experience.

(If you don’t know what a box swap is, it is where you literally swap boxes (kind of like a care package) with someone from either another country or state. It can have any kind of theme to it really. We are big beauty junkies, so we went with that!)

We were both pleasantly surprised at the speed our packages arrived to each other, especially with a small hiccup with the present I was to receive. I immediately cut open my box and started playing with my goodies! I am so happy with everything she picked out and sent to me. I was so worried that we would have gotten each other some of the same things, but we didn’t at all! There was so much so I took a bunch of pictures to share with you and let you bask in my goods 🙂


The last item is my favorite. It is a small bracelet with a braided body and 3 jeweled balls in the center. I have had it on the last 2 days straight!


I loved doing this box swap and I hope we can do something like this again sometime! I have seen some of these things go horribly wrong for some people, and I am so glad I was not one of them, and I am even more glad I didn’t do that to poor Sam!

I am looking forward to trying out these products because I haven’t tried any of the products before, so it will all be a new adventure!

Did you love my box? Check out Sam’s over at All The Buzz! (CLICK HERE)


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