Top 6 Favorite Netflix Shows


I’ve had Netflix for about 3 years now? Which means I have watched a lot of nonsense and a lot of amazing TV series and movies. I have built quite a collection in my instant que on there and I figured I would share with you my top 6 favorite Netflix shows and movies!


SKINS UK (7 Seasons)

I had some trouble getting into this show when I first watched it because it is a British show and the accents kind of threw me off a bit. But once I got passed that, I was sucked in. If you haven’t heard of it, SKINS is about a group of teens coming in and out of problems while getting through school. I say problems lightly though. Their problems are partying, massive amounts of drugs, more sex than any of us would think to be allowed on a television set, teen pregnancies, murder, and the list goes on. The problems depicted in this series are so far out of bounds it is intoxicating. The US tried to make their own (clean) version of the series a few years ago, but it abruptly ended just after one season due to so many complaints from parents about it corrupting their children.


Orange Is The New Black

After Netflix’s train wreck Arrested Development, I was skeptical to watch this. But after watching a few previews online, I jumped in. I watched the entire season in 2 days. I couldn’t get enough of these lady jail birds and their stories and the look into a world most of don’t know much about. Granted I know it is probably nothing like what we seen on TV or in these shows, but it’s an interesting thought. OITNB is based around one women who was a one time lesbian who got wrapped up with a ring leader of a drug cartel and even after leaving her past to find a new and safer life, her past came to haunt her; landing her in prison.


How I Met Your Mother

This show is not given enough credit. I never really caught the episodes when they came on (and still do). I am bad with keeping up with season shows every week.. But HIMYM is just as it’s title says. It is a long story Ted (first on the left) tells his children about how he met their mother and all the other people in their lives.


Drop Dead Diva

This show is super creative. It’s all about how two very different people (a ditzy skinny model blonde, and a heavy, curvy lawyer) end up passing in accidents and one of them couldn’t accept it and broke all the rules and returned herself to the land of the living. But on her way down she didn’t realize she wouldn’t be put back in her body, but into a body that was vacant and available. Now the once ditzy skinny model blonde has to figure out how to be a heavier set, curvy, lawyer.



I spend every morning between 5AM and 8AM to watch I Love Lucy. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I came across Lucy, a biographical movie depicting her rise to fame, I was thrilled. I have watched this movie more than anything on my Netflix. This film shows the struggles she face to get herself to where we all know she succeeded, but of course everything came with a price.


The Carrie Diaries

This only recently came onto Netflix, but I am a huge fan of Sex & The City so of course I had to watch this, and I am so glad I did. The Carrie Diaries is about young Carrie Bradshaw in her first experiences in and with NYC and also dealing with the family struggle of losing her mom that year.

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