The Pros & Cons Of Short Hair

Anytime when things got rough for me, I took it out on my hair. I went through a period once where I was dying my hair every few weeks. But instead of dyes, a few months ago I took a drastic step and cut off over a foot of hair off of my head. I’ve been wanting a pixie cut since I was 13, but I was never brave enough to do it. With my life seeming to be falling apart, this seemed like a pretty good solution! My mom cried while she trimmed it for me. It was a weird day. BUT, I love my short hair and I feel more confident and comfortable with who I am with shorter locks than I ever have. There are some draw backs that I never realized would happen, ones no one on youtube or IRL people had mentioned to me.

August 2013

August 2013

♡ PROS ♡
– 30 minute showers turn into 5-10 minute ones.

– Tired of losing hair ties? No worries! Hair ties are a thing of the past!
– You stay cool during the hottest of days when you don’t have 10 pounds of hair sitting on your neck and shoulders.
– You feel confident, brave, independent, ETC. You’ll feel amazing about yourself!
– Dying your hair is easier and cheaper when you only need one box instead of the usual 3.
– If you have kids, you will know what this is about instantly. If you don’t, here’s an image: tiny sausage fingers knotted, pulling, stuck, AND crying in your hair.

August 2014

August 2014

♡ CONS ♡
– You know that sensation people say they get when they get a body part amputated? The same thing applies to your hair when you go pixie short. PHANTOM HAIR SYNDROME.

– Hair products like mousse, gel, and hair spray are your new BFF’s.
– Styling your hair becomes a challenge. Flat or Spiked?
– You get asked why you went ‘butch’ A LOT. apparently when you cut your hair super duper short, it automatically makes you a lesbian.
– The awkward stages of growing out of a pixie cut are well… awkward.

Just remember, if you are looking at this because you are on the fence of taking the leap, ask yourself this: what is going to make you happy? Don’t let people tell you what will make you happy. If you want to do it, GO FOR IT! It’s just hair and it does grow back. Plus, it’s Halloween time, so buy yourself a wig if you want to try it or to give yourself a new identity 🙂


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