Walmart Beauty Box Reveal/Review

A few weeks ago, Walmart finally came out with a seasonal subscription box. Target has one that comes out only a couple times a year, and it sells out within minutes normally and cost $7 to get. The Walmart box is a measly $5 and is supposed to come out every season, so roughly 4 times a year. So far, the availability has been amazing and almost everyone I know that signs up for it, gets it. They make 2 different boxes: a beauty bundle and a baby box. I opted for the beauty one, because I do not have any children (do my dogs count?).

002003This box came with in a week of me ordering it, which is really fast! I was really surprised when I opened the box though to see a good variety and large samples. My husband was actually even surprised! Everyone’s box was a little different from what I have seen, but the contents of my box include: a sample of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday perfume, CoverGirl nail polish in the shade #After Dark, Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo/conditioner & Dove Pure Care dry oil, Secret Clinical Strength deoderant, a sample of YouthCode Pore Vanisher by L’Oreal, a full sized L’Oreal Glossy Balm lip crayon, and a sample of Neutragena Nourishing Long Wear Make-up.


It was so wonderful out, I had to take these outside! So here is how it works, you sign up and enter your address/credit card info to pay for the shipping cost ($5). Walmart sends you the box of your choosing (beauty or baby), and you get charged every few months the $5 shipping cost so they can send out the next one! It’s that simple.

Me personally, I will be keeping this for as long as Walmart will keep it going. I feel like it is a much better value (and availability) versus the Target box. What do you think of this box? Did you get one of the first Walmart boxes? Let me down below your thoughts and share youre boxes with me on Twitter and Facebook!

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