4 Awesome D.I.Y. Cardboard Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween is the best time of year! It really sucks that kids now a days are finding trick or treating lame. Do they not realize we love dressing up even as adults?! So for all the adults that love dressing up and being silly , here are a few fun ideas for Halloween costumes that you can make out of cardboard!


Wilson (From Home Improvement)

Kids now a days won’t appreciate the humor in this costume. But I guarantee anyone that grew up in the 90’s will get it.


I literally AWE’d when I saw this. I think I would still AWE even if a creepy adult was wearing it.


For all you Star Wars lovers out there, no need to fear on finding a couples costume! Now you just need to find a person to be a couple with you. (Just kidding!)


This is the ultimate ‘Let’s get drunk!’ costume! Imagine seeing a group of people running down the street in these going ‘WACKA WACKA.’ Even better, create these for your kids and hop them up on sugar. TONS OF ENTERTAINMENT.

What are you being for Halloween? Got an awesome DIY costume idea? Share it with me on Twitter or Facebook!

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