October 2014 Favorites!

I know I am a bit late on this, but I have gotten seriously swamped this past week. I have been trying to organize everything, which for me is very hard because I work well in chaos usually. Now I didn’t have a ton of favorites for October and they aren’t all ‘beauty’ related, but these were my favorite things for October!


Now, I know some people might be like, why is this a favorite? This is my absolute favorite because it is helping me to quit a nasty habit. For those of you that don’t know what this is, this is a Vapor. ‘Vaping’ has become a cool thing I guess for everyone. It’s not just for smokers anymore. The oils you can get for these range in nicotine levels and various flavors! Now I just have a cheap little vape, but my parents have some pretty high end ones that I am saving to buy because the quality is so much better. We also just got a cool new shop in our little town that strictly sells the blended oils and vapors. That’s where my favorite flavor came from! (Birthday Cake)


This is my second bar of this soap! My mom found it on Etsy and thought it would be perfect for me because the clay ingredients that are in this are supposed to help super clean pores and help fight acne. The only bad thing about this is that it doesn’t last very long. My first bar only last about a month and a half.. and for almost $5 a bar, it’s a bit much.


You may remember seeing this is my MEMEBOX review from last month (If you missed it, you can read it here). I fell in love with this shadow after seeing it in that box. It’s so smooth and the pigment is to dye for.


You might think it’s silly that I have a deodorant as one of my faves, but I actually an super picky about them. I used to use this Strawberry scented one by Teen Spirit, but it got discontinued.. So I had to find something else. I then switched to Dove and then to BAN because it was cheaper. They were both cheap and it didn’t make me sweat more like others seemed too. But recently, i received this from Influenster and I was hooked. It lasts for a LONG time and the smell is amazing. The only thing I hate is that it seems to get everywhere! If i wear a tank top and a sweatshirt over that, this gets everywhere.. 😦

And that’s it! I promise next month will be more exciting! If you want any information on any of these, feel free to message me or shoot me an email!

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