Ipsy – November 2014

Every person I know that gets Ipsy is always super anxious to see that pretty pink package waiting for them when they get home. I am no exception. This month Ipsy’s theme was all about glitter. I must admit when I saw the previews I wasn’t to excited. But when the actual bag arrived I was extremely happy that I gave it a chance.

$10/monthly with free shipping!

$10/monthly with free shipping!


Tarte Maracuja Oil – $13
This sample shocked the hell out of me. First, because of the high end name, and second -When you think of 0.23 Oz, you think super teeny tiny. But actually this is a decent size sample. Sadly I will never use this because I try to avoid oils beings my skin produces enough of that as is.. But my mom loves this stuff, so she snatched this right up, haha.


Demeter Pixie Dust Roll On Perfume – $10
Normally I hate getting perfume samples in subscriptions, but if they all are as fantastic as this, I will never complain again. If you could imagine what Tinkerbell would smell like, I guarantee it would be this. And Demeter thinks so as well, because that’s who this scent is based off of! This perfume is so fruity, sugary and light as the air itself, and I am in love. I will be buying this when This runs out for sure!


Be A Bombshell Eye Base in Shade Submissive – $14
Be a Bombshell had a product in a bag a few months ago and it was a MAJOR disaster. It was a mascara and when you opened it, there was a strong chemical smell and BAB swore it was still safe to use, but when I attempted to use it, it burned. I did get a replacement, but I now know that if something doesn’t seem right, don’t try it still. Anyway, I was a bit hesitant when I got a BAB item after that fiasco. But I have to say it is really nice. I’m not sure how often I will use this personally, beings it made my eye lids extremely oily after a few short hours.


Sea Rx Micro-Derm Face & Body Scrub – Price Unknown
Any kind of skin care that is from the sea is an instant want/need in my book. Fun fact: ocean water is a miracle worker on acne. Some models will actually spend time just laying in the water to help diminish breakouts. I am however very scared about the warning label I just read on the back, “NOT FOR USE BY WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR ARE NURSING.” If this stuff is that harmful, I don’t want to use it..


J. Cat Lip Paint in Shade Red Potion – $4.99
I some how misplaced this somewhere, so I had to borrow a photos from Ipsy’s website.. I’ve gotten lipsticks from J. Cat in previous bags and I loved those. Lip paint is kind of new to me. I don’t own a lip brush so I had to improvise and use a Q-tip to apply this. I have to say, I am not a red person, but this is so pretty and it isn’t to shiny or metallic. I definitely want to buy more of these and for the cost I will be able to get a bunch!


For a mere $10 a month, I keep Ipsy around. I know I can’t be 100% satisfied every single month, but the bags are super worth the money you pay. Do you get a monthly sub to Ipsy? Are we twinsies and get matching bags!? Share with me on twitter, facebook, or in a blog post! I would love to see what you got! If you want this sub CLICK HERE to sign up!

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*All photos except the J. Cat Lip Paint Photo (Borrowed from ipsy.com) were taken by me using a Canon T5i

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