Memebox Special #43 K-Style 3 Unboxing!

004From youthful and innocent girl-next-door looks to glamorous and badass beauty looks, KPOP idols rock the hottest, most up-to-date beauty trends in all of Korea. Take these glam and glitz KPOP idol looks from on-stage to on-the-street and add some spice to your look! Thanks to this 3rd K-Style Cosmetics Box, your makeup look spectrum will range from soft and neutral to flashy and bold looks. Take beauty advice from your favorite KPOP idols and steal the spotlight!

I always love seeing a beautiful pink and white package waiting for me at my front door. Memebox is an amazing box service based out of Korea. Memebox isn’t a re-accruing monthly subscription like Ipsy or Birchbox, but that gives it a big advantage! With other subs, you pay money in hopes to have products you will like and use, with Memebox you can chose between dozens of curated boxes.

This month I was sent Memeboxes Special #43 K-beauty box. Now I am not 100% sure of the retail cost of this box, but it is either $23 or $29. Koren beauty (and idols) is still fairly new to me, so I wasn’t aware this box was built around the beauty products used and adored by KPOP idols.

Retails for $9

Retails for $9

Style Y Soft Mix & Match Pencil and Powder Shadow
With a liner on one end and an eyeshadow on the other, this is the ultimate beauty product. I have never seen anything like this here in the US, so I was a bit baffled. Once I started playing with this, I fell in love. I am so sure any beauty lover will as well!



I received the (02) Brown liner & Peach combo. I have to say this is one of my favorite beauty items now.

Retails for $13

Retails for $13

Color World Jewelish Stick Shadow
Without looking at the box, I ripped this open and was SO confused.  I actually broke it, but only a little, while on my rampage. Once I fixed it, I LOVED what I saw. There were two different shades that I could have received, and I got the best choice!


This is such an amazing shade of purple, and very appropriate for me right now beings I have gotten into dying my hair in weird colors. Last month my hair was purple, this month I layered green on top of that. SO I can not wait to try this out and make everyone stare!

Retails for $13

Retails for $13

Style Y – Color Fit Creamy Lip & Cheek
This has a dual purpose. You can use it as a gloss or as a cheek stain. I’m not sure how I feel about this product. I don’t like lip gloss type products, and because I have severe redness in my cheeks I never use blush.


I must say though, the color is amazing and I wish I would use this more than I really would.

Retails for $11

Retails for $11

Secret Kiss – Face Fit Strobe Cream
At first I thought this was like a special BB cream, but then I realized it was a highlighter. I am so worried about using this though. I have extremely sensitive skin and I am prone to breakouts the moment an oily product touches my face. This has a little bit of an oily feel on my hand so I’m not sure I am sold on this just yet..

Retails for $8

Retails for $8

Tonymoly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow in Dark Brown
I didn’t even think something like this existed. I fill my eyebrows every time I do my make up. My brows are thin on the edges from over plucking, and so I use fillers to extend them a bit. Now, I’m not sure how long this really does last because I haven’t gotten to use it yet. BUT I love the idea of this and it is felt tipped also, which I also love! I think this would be perfect for the avid brow lovers!

Retails for $26

Retails for $26

Vella – Flower Flower B.B.
I just recently have gotten into the whole BB/CC craze and have found out that for my skin, I prefer CC creams. However, I do like this. I put some over my tattoo on my wrist to test the coverage and I was pleasantly surprised considering BB creams are only supposed to be a tinted moisturizer. Sad part is this is way to light and beige for my skin tone.

Overall, I love this box. The nice thing about the things I can’t really use because of my skin type is my mom has the complete opposite skin type of me. Except her skin is a little more tanner. But the overall value of this box is $80! Which is over double the value. Memebox always impresses me and I can’t wait to discover what other amazing products they have!


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*all photos were taken using a Canon T5i by me, myself, and I.

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